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Interview Tips

Interview Tips For The Fresh Job Seekers

Dress the part: Be fully aware of the company that you are going to be interviewing at, and make sure you choose your interview outfit accordingly. Research the company online by checking out their website and exploring their social media accounts. Consider passing by their office to notice the current employees and to get a sense

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Who could ever predict, seven years ago, that the word ‘tweet’ wouldn’t be referenced to birds chirping, but with 140 characters on a social-networking site. Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey who had amazing foresight-like most great entrepreneurs- did, and today it has become one of the top ten most-visited websites online. #amazingidea. The increasingly popular, and

2 sides of a coin

Ugly Situations With Beautiful Results

You know how there are some ugly situations you dread facing at a work place? Nobody likes being screamed at by a manager in a room full of people. Nobody enjoys their mistakes being pointed out publically or privately. And most of all – nobody likes slipping on a banana peel in front of that



AIESEC is an international not-for-profit organization which develops responsible, global leaders by providing a self driven, practical learning experience through the International internship courses offered to both Graduates and Undergraduates. With a network of 124 Countries and over thousands of opportunities in diverse sectors, AIESEC believes in helping students to get an international edge and develop their leadership potential. For more information you can get in touch with us through the Registration Form